Sleepeezee BodyScan

Sleepeezee BodyScan

Use Modern Technology to Choose your New Mattress & Bed

Picking the right one when you buy a new bed or a new mattress can feel like a difficult decision to make. After all, you’ve probably been sleeping on your current one for some years and it feels like an old friend and a new one will feel strange at first anyway.

Now you can take some of the guesswork out of the decision with the help of the Sleepeezee BodyScan.

Make sure that you pick the right type of bed, and the right level of softness to suit your own body, with the help of technology. Lie on the BodyScan and it will assess the distribution of pressure from your body and recommend which would be the best three best beds from the Sleepeezee  Pure collection to specifically suit you.

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